Multiped makes data insightful

Troubleshooting, process optimization and reducing environmental impact. And all that with one platform: Multiped. This system meets a great need. Various types of data are brought together on one screen in a clear and accessible manner. This makes it a lot easier to calculate the cost price of a project, for example.

The development of the user-friendly Multiped certainly didn't come out of the blue, explains Linda de Lange of MSA-Service. Still, Multiped is an atypical product for this company established in Hardinxveld-Giessendam since 2006. MSA-Service specializes in customization for electrotechnical automation questions. 

MSA-Service is specialised in custom-made solutions for electrotechnical automation questions. 


The employees are always creative in their solutions and dare to color outside the lines. The personal approach comes first. This often involves underwater solutions, says De Lange. When it comes to complex control systems in the maritime world, offshore or for dredgers, MSA-Service is a household name with their specific solutions for, among other things, installing wind turbine foundations at sea.


MSA-Service delivers custom work, but in order to meet the digitization needs of customers, Multiped was developed as a standard product.

'That product does solve what we often encounter in practice,' says project engineer Ralf Stam, showing a compact unit. 'Yes, it's a small unit, but big in possibilities.' Incidentally, the system is available in several formats, to suit the data needs.

Stam and his colleagues noticed in their daily work that they often couldn't access all the relevant data quickly and easily in the event of a breakdown. There was room for improvement, as technical director Machiel 't Hoen realized. During his training, he had already given some thought to the clear visualization of various data. Now that the practice so emphatically demanded a solution, this idea could finally be realized. 


Multiped also makes it a lot easier to calculate the costs and revenues of a contracted job. Stam: 'For example, for a dredger who wants to show that he has achieved a certain production, Multiped is a godsend.

Internet access is not always available in the maritime sector, which is why the data platform is completely independent of the Internet. Multiped is offered in subscription form. This offers many advantages, such as updates that ensure the system always performs optimally.

Green and smart

Multiped also plays a positive role in the energy transition. Better insight into consumption makes it easier to optimize performance. This not only makes ships more sustainable, but it also saves on unnecessary fuel expenses. Stam: 'Multiped is a flexible, low-threshold system, a smart solution for now and the near future.'

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