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Engine control system:

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engine control system Ecs in engineroom
That is why an ECS from MSA-Service Noord
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Welcome to MSA-Service Noord. Since our establishment in 2015, we have been working with a clear vision: to provide Engine Control Systems that directly match the technical specifications of your vessel. This ensures seamless integration, making installation much faster than with regular installations. Our systems are designed to improve operational efficiency and reduce breakdowns, thanks to our expert team with in-depth knowledge of Wärtsilä, Stork, Deutz, and more.

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engine control system Ecs in engineroom
Therefore ECS

Fewer failures

Durable materials

Cost-saving solution

Seamless integration

Flexibility in retrofitting

Innovative system

At MSA-Service North, we know how important a properly functioning ECS is for the life of your diesel engines. That is why we provide innovative and cost-effective systems that integrate seamlessly with your existing equipment. Our expert team ensures fast installation and reliable performance, minimising breakdowns. With top-brand components and extensive ECS knowledge, we guarantee a long service life for your engines.


The benefits of ECS are numerous and make it an excellent choice for your needs. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Long service life 
  • Quick installation
  • Innovative technologies 
  • Reliable performance
  • Expert team
  • Cost-efficient 
  • Quality parts 
  • Lots of ECS knowledge 
  • Minimises breakdowns
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Capewater Clearwater with ECS
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Reduce disruptions

By using fault detection on sensors and actuators and galvanically separated power supplies, we reduce the risk of faults and earth faults.

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Faster installation time

The system is pre-compatible with the ship's system, significantly reducing installation time.

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Flexibility in retrofitting

We specialise in adapting existing systems to meet contemporary requirements without complete replacement.

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Cost-saving solutions

Our systems are offered at costs significantly lower than those of traditional manufacturers, while maintaining quality and functionality.

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Remote monitoring capabilities

Our ECS systems offer remote monitoring options, allowing crew to efficiently manage engines from different locations on board or even from land.

Less downtime

"MSA-Service Noord's retrofit solutions can easily be delivered as a Turn-key project, for maximum compatibility and minimum downtime." - Wim Haar, Director MSA-Service Noord

That is why an ECS from MSA-Service Noord
Direct contact
Passion for technology
Tailor-made as a drive
A-quality products
Expertise, service & flexibility
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Upgrade options
We offer the possibility of upgrading outdated systems with modern technology, extending the life of existing engines without full, costly replacement.

Technical specifications ECS
Connects to these Engine Types

Suitable for a wide range of engines, including Wärtsilä, Stork, Stork Werkspoor (such as R150, R210, F240, SW280, W26, W32, W38A, W38B, TM410, TM620), all DEUTZ Marine engines (such as D604, D616, 620 and D628), Nohab and other engines on request.

Replacement for

Can be used as a replacement for existing engine monitoring systems such as LCS, WECS2000, WECS7000, UCS, UNIC, MKS, Spemos and Deutz.

Ambient temperature

Maximum 45°C, suitable for engine room mounting.  

Cabinet dimensions

 Depending on configuration, typical for a medium-sized diesel engine 1000x600x400mm (h x w x d).


Possible approvals by DNV-GL, BV, Lloyds, ABS, RMRS, etc.

Modular Construction

Het systeem is modulair opgebouwd, variërend van een klein, motorveiligheidssysteem tot een compleet motorbewakings- en besturingssysteem.

User interface

Equipped with a 7.5-inch colour TFT touchscreen for reading, trend analysis and parameter adjustment.

Connectivity to Alarm systems

Can be linked to alarm systems via Modbus, UDP, Profibus, etc.

Analogue Readout

The cabinet is equipped with analogue gauges for engine speed, lube oil pressure and HT cooling water temperature. These operate independently of the PLC for readout of key engine parameters, even in the unlikely event of PLC failure.

Add-on feature Multiped

We offer as ADD-ON Multiped, a seamless extension for your current ECS from MSA Service North. Its advanced data visualisation capabilities provide instant access to essential real-time engine data such as temperature, pressure and speed. Make decisions based on reliable data that logs all engine information. With Multiped, you can efficiently monitor and manage the operational performance of your marine engines, taking the overall efficiency, performance and reliability of your fleet to an even higher level.  

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