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the complete software system for the monitoring and control of dredging
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Innovative system for monitoring and control of dredging

VisuDREDGE is the innovative software system of MSA-Service for the monitoring and control of dredging that has been designed specifically for the dredging industry. The modular visualization and control package provides a complete solution for improving the uptime, efficiency and accuracy of all your dredging operations.  

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VisuDREDGE because

Optimizes accuracy, efficiency & production

Compatible with your own hardware and sensors

For all types of dredgers

Customised to your wishes and needs

Makes a total solution, including sensors, possible


VisuDREDGE and the environment go together. It provides an improved dredging efficiency due to the careful monitoring of the dredging process. The speed, compact size and the compatibility with peripheral equipment and international standards are also noted and appreciated by our customers. 

In addition, VisuDREDGE also provides an optimization of the accuracy of dredging operations, allowing you to increase the quality of your dredging activity and deliver projects faster.

The cutting-edge reporting allows you to map out your activities with great precision. With the visualization options of our system you can demonstrate to your customers that you are working in accordance with their order - a win-win, both for you and your client. Read here how Fraser River Pile & Dredge succesfully deployed VisuDREDGE in their FRPD 309 hopper dredger.

Key features

These features of VisuDREDGE allow you to better monitor, manage and visualize your dredging operations, which results in higher productivity and greater accuracy. 

  • Production monitoring
  • Depth monitoring
  • Loading monitoring
  • Ballast tank level monitoring
  • Daily reports
  • Logging
  • User adjustable logging
  • System monitoring
  • Serial or Ethernet communication own system
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VisuDREDGE feels at home on board with you

The system is suitable for all types of dredgers, including ‘backhoe’ dredgers, trailing suction hopper dredgers, cutter suction dredgers, WID, grab cranes and more. Whether small or large vessels, VisuDREDGE is scalable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your dredger.

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Focus is on the operator

VisuDREDGE is designed with the operator in mind. The buttons and visualization make work a lot easier and more efficient for the operator. Different working method on board? No problem, VisuDREDGE can be quickly customized to meet the specific needs of the operator.

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All results for the office

As the owner you naturally want to know how your dredger is performing. With the detailed reporting from VisuDREDGE you have direct insight into the performance of man and machine. You can also easily discover the opportunities for optimising your ship.

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Survey of each and every detail

Expand VisuDREDGE with QINSy to visualize your dredging activities in detail for more efficiency, and to demonstrate in an appealing way that you are working in accordance with the agreement. PDS 2000 and Hypack are also survey systems that can be connected to VisuDREDGE. Unleash the full potential of VisuDREDGE with Multiped. 

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High-quality PLC from Bachmann

VisuDREDGE comes standard with a high-quality PLC from Bachmann. This PLC is known for its robust and seaworthy qualities and is very suitable for offshore applications. Our PLCs offer enough connection options for your own system. You can get started with VisuDREDGE right away.

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Compatible with your current hardware

VisuDREDGE is widely compatible and can be connected to your existing hardware and sensors. So, if you want to get more out of your existing instrumentation, VisuDREDGE is the right choice. You can easily connect VisuDREDGE to various protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP, OPC ua, UDP Asci / TCP Asci and Serial messages.

Total solution: 100% unburdened

MSA-Service also offers total solutions, unburdening you for 100%. Our experts ensure professional installation from instrumentation to visualization. If you really want to get the most out of your dredging project, opt for VisuDREDGE combined with our robust instrumentation. Some examples are our draft sensors, pump measurements, hopper measurements, overflow & deico measurements and suction pipe measurements. 

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MSA-Service because
Direct contact
Passion for technology
Tailor-made as a drive
A-quality products
Expertise, service & flexibility
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If you are looking for a powerful, scalable and user-friendly software system for your dredge, VisuDREDGE is the perfect choice.

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Specifications VisuDREDGE
Main functions
  • Dredging monitoring
  • Dredging controls
  • Suction tube positioning monitoring
  • Draught load and monitoring
  • Dredge sensors information display, such as: discharge, vacuum and jet pump pressure, density/ velocity/ production/ hopper level

The main controller of VisuDREDGE is installed in a control desk on the wheelhouse. In the pump room there is a cabinet installed with remote I/O. These systems are connected by a TCP/IP connection.

Programmable logic controller (PLC)
Distributed control system (DCS)

VisuDREDGE can be connected to the vessels DCS system for exchanging data between the systems. These systems are connected by a TCP/IP connection (other protocols available)

  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • OPC ua
  • UDP Asci /  TCP Asci
  • Serial messages
Remote Communication (for office view)

Yes, available

Remote assistance

Yes, available 

Insulation monitoring

Yes, available

Standard Alarms
  • Insulation measuring
  • Sensor failure
  • Suction tube positioning
  • Max angles / positions towards ship & depth
Personalized Alarms

Yes, with Multiped option

Screen Layout

Process pages

  • Overview: Overview of dredging/discharge operations

  • Dredging: Overview of dredging operations

  • Discharge: Overview of discharge operations

  • Suction Tube: Overview of suction tube and calibration

  • Draught & Load: Overview of draught and load monitoring

  • Valves: Overview of valves and bottom doors controls, including pipeline diagram

  • Tank: Overview of tank level/weights from DCS

  • Controls: Overview of all controlled functions by VisuDREDGE, like flow and auto depth

System pages

  • Dredge status overview sequencer with trip log

  • VisuDREDGE service mode controls

  • HMI commands

  • Multiped datalogger & I/O

Alarm pages

  • Actuel and historical alarms

Setting pages

  • General
  • Draught (draught monitoring)
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Hopper (bottom doors and overflow valves)
  • Winch/Pipe (including winches and gantries)
  • Degassing and Calibration (sensors related)
Users levels

Operator, Engineer, Supervisor

Add-on modules (VisuDREDGE)
  • TDS, Ton dry solids
  • Daily (custom) reports with trends
  • Logging/ Track record log
  • SHM System healthy monitoring, like vibration/ sensor quality
  • BTM Ballast tank presentations
Add-on module (QINSy)

Turns your bottom presentation and registration of dredged area in real world 3D view with GPS/ RTK tracking. 

Connections to other survey systems than QINSy:
  • PDS 2000
  • Hypack
Interfaces with public authorities
  • MARS 2.0
  • BMS
  • EMS Crown interface
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Automatic control
  • Flow control
  • LMOB control
  • Degassing control
  • Customer specific automatic controls
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