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junction box 12p 6p

Junction box 1x 12p  male and 6x 6p female connector

subsea actuators angle transducer

Actuators measurement

Junction box 1x 12p male and 2x 6p female conn. Low budget.

Subsea junctionbox budgetline

Subsea inclination sensor


Inclino-accelero sensor

absolute + relative pressure transducer

Pressure transducer

Junction box 1x 6p male and 3x 6p female connector 1x blind plug

Junction box 1x 6p male and 3x 6p female conn. 1x blind plug

Spring-loaded drum with Angle transducer

Spring-loaded drum with angle transducer

Heavy-Duty-angle-transducer hs or hp

Heavy duty angle transducer

Pressure transducer - absolute - high accuracy - underwater usage

Pressure transducer - hydrostatic

Enclosure ruggedized ip66 stainless steel

Enclosure ruggedized IP66 stainless steel

Non contact angle transducer butterfly valve.

Non contact angle transducer butterfly valve

Automatic ignition cutting torch

stainless steel cabinet

Stainless steel cabinet

Custom subsea cabling

Non contact Length transducer subsea

Non contact length transducer

Conductivity & temperature probe

Conductivity & temperature probe

flow measurement

Flow measurement

proximity switch

Proximity switch

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