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Changing courses and starting your internship without too many expectations. That's what happened to Samuel (17) when he was looking for an internship for his second year as an Electrical Engineering Technician. 

After a round of phone calls, which works better than e-mailing according to Samuel, he ended up here at MSA-Service. However, he did have one question; 'I would like to work in different departments'. Because at his previous internship, he only worked in the field and the workshop. And that worked out, even with a project of his own. He carried out the electrical installation of two column cranes from start to finish, starting with the drawing work.

This was a learning process. Whereas at school only Auto/stabicad and eplan are used, here he learned to draw in See electrical. Besides the content, think about drawing in grids, making references, this was also a learning process in asking questions. You get a lot of freedom, so you have to ask questions of the right people yourself.

After drawing the column crane, this was followed by making control panels and preparing junction boxes. Since every project at MSA-Service is variable, there are no standard boxes, base plates and gutters here. With the help of an experienced craftsman, who was also his go-to questioner, everything was prepared. Ready for the next step, installation in the field.

With an experienced colleague, Samuel hung the control boxes on site and pulled the cables. Likewise, the junction boxes were connected and tested. The result was a working column crane and a more than satisfied Samuel. 

wanted mechanic
intern at msa-service

During this project he gained a lot of new knowledge. Especially during the engineering, a lot was learned and his knowledge of materials increased significantly.

It is also a confirmation that he has made a good choice by switching to this course. For what he will do after his education is not yet completely clear but in maritime electrical engineering Samuel definitely sees himself working.

When we ask him after the 10-week internship how he experienced his internship at MSA-Service, he answers without a second thought that he liked it. 

"Not expecting it to be so welcoming, everyone is friendly."

And his tip for the next interns? You have to be able to handle freedom, you have to ask the questions.

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