Steel Factory Digital Twin

Digital twins, magical technology or an illusion?

You can't read an article anymore or the word Digital Twins appears in it. But what are digital twins and what do you gain from them in practice? 

In this seminar you will learn that the term "Digital Twins" is actually a catch-all term for a number of techniques. With these techniques you can make a digital reflection of how a machine behaves in reality. This gives you much more knowledge and control.

Together with Bachmann, Controllab and VSE we will tell you how we use digital twins in practice. We show what techniques are used and how they help to make machines safer, faster to deliver and easier to use. During the breaks, these twins will be demonstrated live.

Steel Factory Digital Twin

In this seminar you will get an honest story. What does a digital twin cost, what does it deliver, and when should you especially not use it. You will learn what digital twins can mean for your business: are they breakthrough technology or a costly illusion?

This seminar is for anyone involved in the design, commissioning and operation of complex software-controlled machines and systems. 

June 8, 2022 in LantarenVenster, Rotterdam, starts at 12.30h.
More information and registration for this seminar can be found via this link.

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