Datawerf projcet for Multiped

MSA-Service was the first company to successfully complete the pilot of the Datawerf project

Entrepreneurs in the maritime sector want to digitize, but often do not know where to start. That was one of the outcomes of the study Data maturity within the maritime sector of the Municipality of Rotterdam. 

This outcome resulted in a pilot where a group of SMEs in the maritime sector are intensively coached in the digitization of their business.

MSA-Service was one of the first companies to qualify for this pilot. They selected an expert who came to work in the company for about six weeks. The product the pillars focused on was the Multiped. The Multiped a data dashboard which gives ship owners and users insight into the data already on board. Think of fuel consumption, emissions, location, speed, vibration and much more. It is possible to look into the past, compare with other projects or ships and there is real-time insight. The expert who started this project on behalf of the Datawerf focused on the customer needs and positioning of the Multiped.

succesful outcome of datawerf pilot

The pilot at MSA-Service took place in the second quarter of 2022.

Datawerf is one of the pilots from the action agenda Digitaal MKB Zuid-Holland and is funded by the Municipality of Rotterdam, Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag (MRDH), Maritime Delta, InnovationQuarter and Province of Zuid-Holland.

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