Non-Nuclear Totaliser for Dredging
Ordercode: Itometer

The DENS-ITOMETER is ITS's revolutionary densitometer that works on principles of electrical conductivity, earning it the nickname "Gamma Buster" due to its ability to outperform conventional nuclear-based densitometers.

Key benefits

Can be used to improve the efficiency of processes.

Variety of available data outputs.

Generates real-time volumetric data and flow visualisation images

Scalable from 5 cm to 1.2 m, making it ideal for R&D, pilot plants and production.

The sensors are robust, have no moving parts and can be oriented vertically, horizontally or tilted.

Certified for use in hazardous environments.

New Non-Nuclear Totaliser for Dredging

By implementing a comprehensive datalogging system, like Multiped, a pipelay vessel can enhance its operational efficiency, ensure compliance with safety and quality standards, and facilitate the analysis of data for continuous improvement in the pipelaying process.

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Non-Nuclear Totaliser for Dredging

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