Launch of Multiped, the innovative data platform

Many systems and signals are present on board, only now these systems often run side by side. During the work that the employees of MSA-Service perform on board and the discussions with the customer, from service engineer, electrical super intendant to fleet owner, we came to the development of the Multiped.

This flexible and scalable 'standard solution' is therefore an a-typical activity of ours. With our innovation, we want to help maritime contractors to use data to get more return from their equipment and to contribute to the sustainability ambitions of the maritime sector. This is done with an industrial data collection and reporting platform, which unlocks the opportunities offered by sensor data in a user-friendly way for technicians and ship owners.


  • collect data integrally (from different systems and protocols);
  • to store large quantities of high-frequency data (up to 1000 Hz) in a standardized manner for the longer term;
  • display the measurement data on board quickly and in a user-friendly manner in dashboards, which can easily be put together by the user as desired;
  • data can be enriched by adding measurements made by the user to the measured data, such as hand soundings and failures that have occurred;
  • log all adjustments made by the user to the settings, so that the data is always reliable;
    export data for further analysis;
  • securely share and synchronize data with suppliers, customers and owners (data can also be viewed on shore);
  • detect long period trends for predictive maintenance;
  • apply alarm points to an expected overrun of one or combined signals;
  • easily link the selected signals as control information to higher-level systems.

In outline, the Multiped is capable of

The innovation listens to the name Multiped. This is the English name for "multiped. We chose this name for two reasons. First of all, the name embodies exactly what this innovation is; a multiped that helps maritime entrepreneurs gain much more insight into their vessel and operation. We chose the English equivalent of the word 'multipot' because of the international ambitions we have with this innovation.

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