VisuDREDGE dredging monitoring system

VisuDREDGE is a modular dredging visualisation and control package. The system can be used from a small barge dredger with depth indication only to a large Hopper dredger with up to 15 screens and office connections.

Meet our universal dredging system

Suctiontube Visudredge

Key benefits
Improves dredging efficiency with senor diagnosis and self initiated correction measures.
Guides the operator even less experienced crew is in control because of smart system notifications
Ease of intergartion compatible with common used sensors in dredging industry
Build on top of robuste hardware DNV certified


Suction tube position alarm system (max. angles/position towards ship)

Depth alarms

User-configurable alarm points

Main functions of the dredging monitoring system VisuDREDGE

Suction tube positioning monitor

Including standard dredge process sensor presentation production monitoring

Depth load and monitoring

Ballast tank level monitoring

Daily reports


User-configurable logging

Options for bypassing sensors

Serial or Ethernet communication with the customer's system

Health monitoring system

Optionally, the system can be expanded to include control of the hydraulic system for the purposes of:
- HPU's
- Winches
- Gantries
- Bottom doors
- Valves

Available add-ons

APV/Overflow presentation

TDS (Tons of dry solids)

Remote monitoring

This option has the advantage that even if there is no connection to the vessel, the system will still work.

Draught load Dredging proces VisuDREDGE

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