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Product overview


Main Functions

- STPM (Suction tube positioning system)
- including standard dredging process sensor presentation production monitoring.
- DLM (Draught load and monitoring)
- Ballast Tank level monitoring.
- Day reports
- Logging.
- user adjustable logging.
- options to bypass sensors
- Serial or Ethernet communication with the system of the customer
- system healthy monitoring
- Alarms :
- suction tube position alarm system (max angles / position towards ship)
- depth alarms.
- user configurable alarm

Available add-ons:
- APV / Overflow presentation
- TDS (Ton dry solids)
- Remote monitoring
- This option gives the advantage that even if there is no connection with the ship it’s still possible to playback what has happened.
- QINSy intergration (bottom presentation and registration of dredged area.
- sea charts according world wide standards
- integration of AIS / ACDIS
- on cutters anchor registration.
- 3d presentation of dredged area.
- location registration / track record.
- flow control.
- auto depth control
- power / condition monitoring
- dredge / jet process visualisation.
- bottom door presentation
- Owner reports / client reports
- Serial or Ethernet communication with a Survey system
- Remote support or client office connection

Also available:
- Fuel monitoring with day reports class
- Sensors

Systems also available for
- Cutter dredgers.
- Backhoe / Dippers.


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