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New Non-Nuclear Totaliser for Dredging

ITS is pleased to announce the launch of the Totalising-itometer at Euroports 2017. This new instrument – developed with MSA-Service – integrates ITS’s already successful Densitometer with a standard flow meter to measure total production. Not only does the new instrument provide the industry standard cross-hair indicators of flow and density, the extra flow information from seeing inside the pipeline can give operator the ability to dynamically see production levels as a guide to optimising production. Only the tomography technology from ITS is able to provide all of this information for dredging operators. The above screen shot has four key fields: Top section Production history Centre left Seeing where the solids are inside the pipe Centre right Cross hair of current production Bottom section Solids flow profile The benefits of this non-nuclear “totalising gamma-buster” instrument include lower operating costs (total cost of ownership is estimated to be approx. 50% less than nuclear) accurate solids volume concentrations simpler calibration no compliance / regulation issues and green product which doesn’t require the transport or disposal of nuclear sources. The technology builds on the successful Densitometer which is already being used by many of the leading dredgers in Europe as well as operators in the US and Australasia. For further information please contact Ken Primrose, CEO, ITS ( or Machiel t'Hoen, Director MSA-Service (

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