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Product overview

Inclino/Accelero Sensor

- The MSA-S-0029 sensor is a low cost sensor housing which can be delivered with an inclination or accelero sensor.
The advantage of this housing is that it’s small and robust and price interesting.

The inclination sensor has the following specifications:
- overall accuracy : +-0,5%
- resolution : < 0,01degree
- output signal : 4-20mA
- maximum range : -80 - +80 degree

Accelero specifcations
Full scale acceleration : 5g.
Full scale of turn 450degree/s.
output signal : rs232 / rs422.

standard working depth with connector : 500mtr.

our standard documentation set for a subsea transducer consist of:
- helium test certificate.
- pressure tank test on request.
- calibration report.

more information on request.

Ordercode: 0029_DS

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